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Thank you so much again to everyone for making today a fantastic last day at mei mei. So much love and kindness out there. God Bless to you all. xxxxxx


As many of you know I have been trying to sell mei mei since the beginning of the year. As this has not happened and my lease is up, it is the perfect time for me to close the doors.

I cannot thank our customers enough for all of your loyalty over the years, we have got to know some of you so well and some lovely friendships have been made.

This has been a great business and a love affair that I am very proud of.  After 12 years I am now ready to move on and start something new in my life.  I will be taking the rest of the year off to have a break and be a mother and wife, and then it is back to University for me next year which I am really excited about.  I will still see you all around as I will not be able to keep away from Bambina, Dizz or Landreth. 

It is no secret that retail over the past three years has been up and down; very busy or very quiet.  Constant sales, and online shopping at discounted prices means that few people are prepared to pay full price anymore.  This has meant that the effort I am putting in is not paying off anymore.

I have made some wonderful friendships and learnt so much over the years.  Thank you so much to everyone who has worked here over the years, you became more like family to me.  To my core group that was with me to the end, Nikki (who has been with me for 10 years), Michelle and Lucia, I cannot thank you enough. 

We would like to invite you all to come in and buy your last pair of summer shoes from us at a great price before we close.  There will also be a knees up at the end to celebrate a great 12 years that we will let you know about.

We came in on an high and we are going out on one, we look forward to seeing you for your final purchase.

Costume National Summer 2012 in store now, pics below:


4S5A3F - $770


4S5A27 - $838


4S5A07 - $707


4S5A81 - $905


4S5A42 - $770


4S5A19 - $856


4S5A71 - $752


4S5A86 - $721


Chloe Summer 2012 is in store now; pics below:

CH18340 - $1,132


CH18041 - $1,076


CH18311 tan - $650


CH18311 blue - $650


CH18021 - $752


CH18036 - $832

A quick update for you; we are into our final two weeks of Winter sale.

After that we have Chloe Summer 2012 arriving in store.

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